Korikion Antron - Delphi

The Korikion Antron Cave - Delphi path

The Korikion Antron CaveThe Korikion Cave, home of the ancient god Panas and the Corikian Nymphs, lies in an altitude of 1310 meters. From the cave, we will follow the international path E4 and through the forest park of mountain Parnassos we will have the chance to climb down until the ruins of Delphi. During the route we will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique view of the Fedriad Rocks, the Delphic scenery and the Korinthian gulf. The estimated time to cover this distance is 3 to 4 hours walking. 

Trail walkthrough (reverse way)

Our starting point is at the eastern entrance of Delphi. Facing north we see one big traditional stairway (Photo 1), that will guide us up to the beautiful slopes of Western Parnassos Mt.
Following the signs, we pass by the Angelos & Eva Sikelianos Museum (Museum of Delphic Festivities) (Photo 2) and we continue to the asphalt road of the city until we reach the parking area of the northern entrance of the Archaeological Site (Photo 3). Another E4 sign indicates that its time to start climbing on natural soil. The first hundred meters are a bit more steep and need a brisk walk. After a few minutes walk the course gets better and we now pass by the Ancient Stadium (at our right). The “Skala” (Photo 4) is in front of us for some smooth and nice zig-zaged climbing over the city of Delphi that will lead us straight to the summer camp settlement of "Kroki".
The view to the Delphic Landscape, the Olive Grove and the Kressean Gulf is amazing (Photo 5). Soon, we take the left turn on a now flat track (inside a smooth ravine) heading to the Kroki area (Photo 6) were a drinking water fountain will quench our thirst with fresh water. After a break, we take the dirt road to the right and after some 400m we reach the Kroki camp with the “Agia Paraskevi” (St. Paraskevi) chapel on our left. The flat and easy road will guide our way through the beautiful flora of the Parnassos National Park. We will find the track signs on the trees of this virgin firry land. After some 2,5km we will reach a 3-branch junction. We take the direction to the right. The scenery remains the same till the entrance of the National Park some 1,2km after the crossway (Photo 7).
We have already arrived in "Paliopanagia", one more great recreation area inside the beautiful
yard of the “Agia Triada” (The Trinity) chapel (Photo 8) situated right across the Park entrance. 400m further on the same track we meet the sign of the ancient path leading to the "Korikion Antron". A red square on a metal sign informs us to change direction to the left and enter a small path on the slope of the mountain (Photo 9). The 800m track is steep enough and needs more careful access than when on the previous passages.
Just before we reach the cave entrance, the track beside the rocks is smooth again and looks like a stairway to the magic life that this place witnessed over the times. The sunrays will guide our way into the cave and show us the beauty that Delphic nature keeps alive for our sake. (Photo 10)

Trail Map

Trail Profile

Total length: 9.2 km./5.7 mi.
Altitude diff.: 1310m - 1180m - 1160m - 550m
Approx. time: 4hr.
Difficulty: Medium

Trail images (reverse way)

Photo 1: The traditional stairway leading to Angelos & Eva Sikelianos museum.

Photo 2: Angelos & Eva Sikelianos Museum.

Photo 3: Along the E4 track.

Photo 4: The "Skala" part.

Photo 5: View to Plestos valley from "Skala".

Photo 6: Approaching the Kroki rest area.

Photo 7: Approaching the Agia Triada church.

Photo 8: Agia Triada church at "Paliopanagia".

Photo 9: Final turn towards the Korikion Antron Cave.

Photo 10: Inside the Korikion Antron cave.