Delphi - Kirfi Peak

The Delphi - Kirfi Peak path (Kohran observatory)

From the 850 meters Kirfi Peak we will have the chance to see the panorama of the archaeological site of Delphi, the town of Delphi as well as the mountain Parnassos. A small village named Desfina that is situated nearby, is the right place to have a rest and taste traditional local food. We need an about 5 hour walking to cover the distance.

As soon as you arrive at the “Kohran” Observatory (852m) you will certainly be rewarded for all your efforts. Part of the path has a common route with the E4 International one till the Plestos Bridge.

Our starting point is located at the eastern entrance of Delphi, just in front of the flags at the end of the pavement. At this exact point we take the right downhill path that leads to the Delphic olive grove and the Plestos river valley. This downhill track starts as a dirt road and after 1,1 km it continues on asphalt. We follow this track to the south, we cross the Mornos Canal and after a few zig zags, we pass by the Agios Georgios chapel found on a small crossroad on our right. 
We continue straight ahead on our asphalt track and after we pass one more crossway, on the right side as well, we reach a 3-branch junction. This is the point where we change our direction to the right, heading westbound.
The path follows the river stream, which is located on our left. After a couple of km we walk under the huge Delphi rocks, and we need a couple more km to reach the small path, on our left, that signposts our new track (400m) leading to the “Gefyra” (the Bridge) of the Plestos river. This is the lowest part of our hike and we can clearly see Delphi up on the rocks. This is the point where our 4,5 km climb starts and this is obviously signed by the Forest Authorities.

Trail Map

Trail Profile

Total length: 15 km./9.5 mi.
Altitude diff.: 540m - 103m - 640m - 852m
Approx. time: 5 hr.
Difficulty: Medium

Trail images

Starting point

Kirfi peak
The Kirfi peak as seen from Delphi

The path to Kirfi starts not far from the Archaeological site of Delphi.

The Plestos valley and the village Chrisso on the right.

Delphi as seen from the Kohran observatory at Kirfi peak.