Korykion Cave

The Korikiοn Cave, home of the ancient god Panas and the Korikian Nymphs, lies in an altitude of 1310 meters. 
It consists of three chambers. The first of these is the largest one, about 60 m long, 26 m wide and 12 m high. Large stalagmites at the end of this chamber, separate it from the second one. Hidden by large stalagmites is a way through into a third smaller chamber and the end of the cave. Thick stalactites hang from the ceiling and as you walk towards the inside of the cavern, they create something that looks like a work of "abstract art".The prominent Greek historian Pausanias visited the cave in the 1st century A.D. and reported that it was one of the most notable caves he had ever seen. 
The cave was excavated by French archaeologists in 1969. Their 30 day investigation produced a tremendous number and range of objects from all periods of antiquity. Just inside the entrance they are some ancient inscriptions and further in there is a rock with a circular hollow. Is this the sacrificial altar of the gods? Definitely the Cave was a place that prophesies were given. 
The view from the entrance of the cave is marvelous. From up there we can see the Fedriad Rocks, the ravine of Kastalia Spring, the peaks of Kithaironas and Elikonas mountains, the Korinthian Gulf and a big part of the north side of Peloponnesse further away.