Welcome to Delphi Walking Tours!

Delphi Walking Tours is an effort of a young group of enthusiasts who attempt to change the standards of the typical visit to Delphi.

We challenge you to be part of a unique walking experience that will guide you to the "Navel of the Earth", Delphi, through easy and more specialized routes.

Stop being a sit-in-a-bus addict!

Ramble along with our experienced guide that will walk you along the archaeological sites, explore the antiquities and monuments and visit all the unique historical places that makes Delphi a World Heritage Monument.

Guided Tours

When you come to Delphi, doesn’t matter if you are a keen walker or not, you have to visit the archaeological site, the famous Sanctuary of Apollo, and the archaeological museum, where our local licensed tour guide will explain you everything about Apollo, the Delphic Oracle, the famous Pythian Games and generally the history of Delphi. With our guide we can also organize mini excursions around. A very good idea is also to visit a famous monastery situated close to Delphi, the monastery of Osios Loukas with the famous mosaics.

Hellenic traditional tastes

Visiting the sacred land of Delphi you will have the chance to taste local products, such as the pure olive oil and excellent varieties of olives from the local olive groves as well as traditional dairy products such as feta cheese, formaela cheese, myzithra cheese. A visit to a local cheese farm to see the authentic production of Greek cheeses is a must.

For further information please contact us: delphiwalkingtours@yahoo.com
Did you know...
Navel (Omphalos) of the Earth was determined by Zeus who had released two eagles to fly from opposite sides of the earth and that they had met exactly over this place.
Herbert William Parke, The Delphic Oracle